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What is a domain? How to buy a domain at a low price

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30 Dec, 2023

Dear reader, it is very important for you to know the subject that we will discuss today in this post. The main topic of today's post is, what is a domain? If you are interested in the details about the domain, then read this post to the end.

What is a domain? Those who know this and of course experts like us know about Domain. Also those who are now coming to the online world in a new state, many of them do not know what is Domain?

Domain is the name or address of a website, for example, the name or address of our website is seniorbd.com.

What is a domain? How to buy a domain at a low price

Domain name

Now you will know how many types of domain names there are, step by step to make you understand better, I am listing all the domain names below, take a good look there.







The cost of buying a domain

Now you will know how much it can cost you to buy a new domain. Especially here depending on your domain. If you buy from Namecheap then of course your price may be a little higher.

You will buy a domain from Namecheap, it would be better to buy a domain from Namecheap and it is a reliable organization because such servers have good service and they are more expensive because there is no problem.

Because you know that good things are a little more expensive. In addition to the namecheap, there are many offers, if you buy a domain from such a website, you can take the domain for less money.

What is a country domain?

Many of you who are new to online do not know what a country domain is and how a country domain works. Especially for example, we have countries like Bangladesh or India or America.

What are the domains of these countries and what are the advantages of these if you buy the domains with the country name. In that case you will be able to get more visitors, because everyone loves everyone's country very much.

For this reason, of course, for the sake of everyone's country, but can get more visitors, I am listing the country domains, you see below.





Bengali domain name

Now you will know more about the bangla domain and how to buy it. I am explaining to you what is called a Bangla domain, for example, the address of my website is bloggerenglish.com. If I want, I can buy this domain in Bangla.

For example, you must understand the example blogger English.com, of course, you can go to the official website that is available in Bangladesh.

Domain key ict

Dear reader, in today's post I have given you a general idea about the domain, if you like this article, please comment in our comment box. tracking Code: 130251

Also, if you have more information about the domain, you can let us know by writing in the comment box. Today, until this post, all of you stay well, and stay healthy, we will discuss something better in front of you in the next post, and finally stay with our seniorbd.com, thank you.

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