What is system software? What is the function of system software

System Software: In the last article I discussed software in detail. I have read that article a lot.

And many of you are asking to discuss in detail what the system software is. And that is why today's article has been written.

Basically if you have a computer. Or if you want to do programming related work.

Then it is very important to know about your system software. Because, the main part of a computer device is this System Software.

But sad but true is that there are so many of us. Those who do not have much idea about this system software.

And today's article is written to let you know who you are.

So read today's whole article carefully without skipping.

What is system software? | What is system software?

We have learned in the article written about software that a software is created by coding through different types of programming.

But the languages ​​of these programming are a little different. For example, some of us speak Bengali, some of us speak Hindi.

On the other hand, the languages ​​of this programming are a little different.

However, the problem does not end here, but the hardware in a computer. But they do not understand all kinds of languages.

On the other hand, the languages ​​of this programming are a little different.

However, the problem does not end here, but the hardware in a computer. But they do not understand all kinds of languages.

But the main problem is that these binary codes are not easily understood by people again. Because, in such languages, there is no such thing as human understanding.

So to solve the problem, the process of giving instructions to a computer by converting different programming languages ​​into machine language is called system software.

What is the function of system software?

From the above discussion you get a clear idea of ​​what system software is.

So now you need to know what the work of this system software. So let's talk about the work of the System Software.

You see, we all know that a computer device is basically a combination of different types of hardware.

But these hardware can not do any work by itself.

Rather, it works to coordinate the hardware inside a device.

If you clear the matter a little more, it will be useful for you to understand. For example, suppose you want to listen to music on your computer device.

In that case you turned on a music player on the computer. And you instructed the computer to listen to music.

Now the process of sending the signal to the hardware according to your instructions is basically done by the system software.

This is exactly how the system software manages your computer device.

For example, there are as many types of software as there are starting from the operating system in the computer. The work of creating a relationship of hardware with them is mainly done by System Software.

And this is the core function of system software.

The difference between system software and application software

After watching the above discussions, you may be quite hesitant Because, if you want to know about the types of software.

Then you can learn about two types of software. One is System Software and the other is Application Software.

But if you don't know the details properly. But then you will be confused with these two types of software.

So let's find out the difference between these two types of software.

As you can see from the above discussion, System Software basically converts any type of language i.e. programming language into machine language.

And the hardware you have on your computer. They create coordination between them.

Application Software on the other hand, but you can see a different look.

Because, the software attached to the system software is used only for specific work.

Suppose you are installing a music player on your computer.

Now with that music player you can only listen to songs. You can also do any kind of extra work.

So the main difference between the two parts of the software, but here.

One is to convert any type of language to Machine Language as per your instructions. And adjusts the hardware on the device to work according to your instructions.

And the other is used only for specific work.

How many types of system software and what are they?

I hope you have a better understanding of what system software is.

So now you need to know one more thing. That is how many types of this system software and all these types. So let's find out now.

So by looking at the features and features of the work, this system software is mainly divided into 5 parts. E.g.

Operating System

Device Driver




Let's discuss these types in detail. Then these types will be much more useful for you to understand.

01 | What is Operating System?

The most important part of a computer device is the operating system. Without which it is not possible to operate a computer device.

It basically establishes a relationship with a user on a computer device. Let's discuss the matter a little more openly.

Above I mean you user. Now when you use your computer.

Then you will instruct your computer to do different types of work.

For example, if you want to listen to music. You will then be prompted to launch a music player.

Again, if you want to use the Internet. You will then be prompted to launch a browser.

Now you think about one thing. You are giving these instructions. How can the computer follow those instructions exactly?

Hmmm! This is done primarily through the operating system on your computer.

Such as when you instruct your computer.

But then this operating system does the job of conveying those instructions to the hardware.

So now you have many types of operating system software for your computerঃ

Microsoft Windows (7/8/9/10)


Mac Os

Above you can see the names of several system software.

So you must be connected to one of these operating systems.

Otherwise you will not be able to use your computer properly.

02 | What is Device Driver?

Device Driver is another important part of managing a computer properly.

Through which a computer's system helps a lot to do all the work of software.

And stimulates the components of the computer.

We all know the computer devices we use. They are basically made up of different types of components.

So these are the components that have to do something all the time.

And let them do exactly what you instructed them to do. That is why Device Driver is used.

You can see many types of device drivers used in computers. Such as:




Network Card



Now think of one thing. If you want to work properly through the above things on your computer.

So can these work properly without Device Driver? -No! Can't

Rather, of course, all types of components will need a Device Driver to work properly.

03 | What is firmware?

There are as many types of hardware as there are in your computer. This firmware manages almost all the activities of its hardware.

And that's why it's called Pice of Hardware. And it is embedded in the hardware.

This means that your computer device has ROM, Flash. Frameware is embedded in them.

As a result, the activities that are on your computer. He manages most of his activities.

04 | What is a translator?

You will be surprised to know. Because the most important part of the system software is called Translator.

Needless to say, system software is absolutely meaningless without this translator.

Because, you learned about the complexity of that programming language at the beginning of the article. This complex task is made easier by this software called Translator.

As we are different people speak different languages In the same way, there are many types of programming languages ​​for computers to work as instructed

But you know very well that computers do not understand all kinds of languages.

Because computers can only understand the language of binary code Now it is not easy to understand this binary language in human field

And this complication has been made much easier through software called Translator.

Because, no matter what programming you do in any language. This Translator will convert any of your languages ​​to Machine Language and give a signal to the hardware.

05 | What is Utility?

Utility Software does the job of maintaining a computer.

However, such software is provided before buying a new computer device.

But if you want to keep your device more secure. Then you can use more other software.

So there are several softwares that fall under Utility. E.g.

Different Type Of Antivirus

Data Compressor

Disk Cleaner


Network Management

The above software is included in Utility software.

And if you want to keep your computer device safe. Then you can use such software.

Features of system software

Since the main topic of our article is what is system software So you should know the features of the system software.

Because if you don't know about these things. Then your acquired knowledge about System Software will remain incomplete.

So let's discuss those features in great detail.

High Speed: If you want to know about any high speed software.

Then the name of System Software will come first. Because, this kind of software can work much faster.

Adjust With Hardware: This type of software is often associated with hardware.

Which makes it much more convenient to work. And can work comparatively correctly

Low Level: The system software is written in low level language.

This allows the CPU to easily detect this type of language.

As a result, it is possible to translate any type of language on your device into a machine language.

Small Size: The size of the system software is much smaller than other software.

For example, if you look at the application software. Then you can see that the size of the application software is much larger.

From that point of view, you can see that the system software is much smaller in size.

Hard Design: The problem is if you want to design this kind of software. But then you have to fall into a lot of trouble.

Because, when you go to design such software.

Then you can see that designing these system software is a very difficult task.

No Excuse: Honestly, there is no opportunity to go back and forth in this type of software.

This is because such system software does not interact directly with the user.

Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Then you will be in a lot of trouble.

Moreover, System Software is done through many difficult programs.

What is system software? This is our last word

What is system software - is discussed in detail in today's article.

I hope you understand the issues discussed with today's system software quite well.

But even then, if you have trouble understanding somewhere. Or there is something wrong with my writing.

Then you must comment. I will respond to your comment immediately.

And if you want to know about all such interesting topics, you must stay with our seniorbd.com.

Not today! See you in the next article. Until then, stay healthy, stay well.

Thank you so much for being with me for so long

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